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Hawaii Shark Encounters

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, this tour takes you into the open ocean, over 3 miles offshore, where you can observe Galapagos and sandbar sharks in their natural environment from the safety of a cage. A floating cage keeps humans and sharks safely separated from each other. No scuba experience is necessary as you can enter the cage from above and stay on the surface using a mask and snorkel.

Large plexiglass windows let you peer into the open ocean and watch the sharks as they glide gracefully and effortless through the deep blue. Curiosity brings them within inches of the window, where your gaze meets theirs. To be in the presence of such awe-inspiring animals will open your eyes and change the way you see sharks forever.

A very important part of our shark adventure is education. We present fascinating facts about shark biology and behavior, ocean life, conservation issues, and the significance of sharks in Hawaiian culture and mythology. Hawaiians are intimately connected to the ocean and see sharks as a revered part of their history and belief system. They are respected for their role in the natural balance of the island’s ecosystems.

Shark Encounters is located at the Haleiwa Boat Harbor
Operates seven days a week
Times: 6:00am, 7:00am, 9:00am and 11am.
One hour boat ride
Two hours from check in to check out
20 minutes in the cage
Transportation not available

Must book well in advance as this trip sells out!!

Hawaii Shark Encounters
66-105 Haleiwa Road, Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712
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Hawaii Shark Encounters - Cage Diver


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